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[TRENDING] D8 responds to recent allegations on plagiarizing Super Junior-M’s Solo!

Portuguese Rapper D8, who was accused for plagiarizing Super Junior-M’s OST Solo released an official statement regarding the accused plagiarism.

The rapper stated: “The Producers are the same who made the mix, only the hook is the same but with the rights allocated. S.O.L.O. was not plagiarized, I contacted the Peermusic who contacted the composers and Producer for the transfer of rights. The lyrics of the chorus is not plagiarized, the theme is different only the “Hook” is equal but it says who composed it. Legally, as you can see I am a “Performer” in music, the music isn’t mine and I possess no copyrights towards it. Plagiarism is stealing and saying I did the music. I only asked the REAL owners for permission to use the song There was a confusion, credits were given, all authorial recipes delivered to the appropriate owners In music, it is said that this is a version of the original music that belongs to Reed Vertelney played by SJ-M. The mixture was made with her producer, for him to be aware of everything that was going to be made and used in my version. I have a clear conscience and thank you to those who did not doubt the truth about it all. I understand today, all the comments from fans of SJ-M, but from now on I’m politely asking for them to stop. Although legally, I am not forced to give explanations to anyone about this, now it is here summarized, the whole story. Legally, the music is not from SJ-M but from Reed Vertelney Legally, the music is not mine but from Reed Vertelney”  – Translations by D8‘s personal assistant Theresa Cardoso 

How are you taking the news? 

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  1. Rather confusing explanation, made even more confusing by a very spotty translation.
    He claims SM didn’t know about it but also was not required to know because the song is not theirs.
    Even assuming the melody is legal, the title and chorus are still the same as Suju’s song in any case, and D8 doesn’t seem to have given any credit in that respect as he puts only his name in the lyrics.

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