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Happy 200th Day to APRIL

It is the 10th of March meaning that APRIL has debuted for 200 days!
APRIL officially debuted on August 25th 2015 with the release of their first mini album Dreaming. Their title track Dream Candy received a lot of love and support for its cuteness as well as the adorable charms which the members give out while performing the track. Unfortunately after debuting for two months leader Somin departed from the group in order to focus on her studies, thus leaving APRIL a five member girl group. The girls quickly returned with their first single album Boing Boing, and once again melted all their fans with their lovely title track Muah!  APRIL’s schedule for 2015 did not stop there, after promotions ended for Muah! APRIL immediately announced the release of their first ever special christmas album Snowman, although the album only consists of one song, yet it features a 2016 calendar as well as APRIL’s pretty faces.
With a splendid year APRIL continued with their success and took the rookie award from Korean Entertainment Art Awards, once more proves their amazing talents. We NowKpop sincerely congratulate APRIL for their 200th Day anniversary, and may all of the girls have an amazing year ahead!

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