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Pig Trotter lovers Momo and Kei unite as one in ‘People of full capacity’!

Momo from TWICE is known to be a big lover of pig trotter, and her love of pig trotter was revealed in the Mnet reality show, ‘Twice’s Elegant Private Life’ , when TWICE filmed how they snuck pig trotters into their dorm through their window with a rope. Lovelyz’s beautiful flower,Kei, is also known to be a lover of pig trotter and they unite together as one to scout for the best pig trotters around town, and of course eat them. Kwanghee and the hosts were also really surprised because not a lot of girls are into pig trotters.

Jokbal (Pig trotter) buddies!
Jokbal (Pig trotter) buddies!

They talked about their love of pig trotters while eating delicious pig trotters elegantly and they also showed their affection for each other by feeding each other food !(cute~<3)

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 12.17.08 AM

Momo also revealed that she called the pan flute move in the start of TWICE’s hit song ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’ the pig trotter move as it resembles her move when eating pig trotters.

Pan-Flute move = Pig trotter move!
Pan-Flute move = Pig trotter move!

Fans watching them eat may not be able to enjoy the happiness of eating the trotters , but they can definitely feel happy watching their favourite idols enjoy such a tasty meal! But seriously, how can they maintain such fit bodies even after eating multiple meals?



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