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Got7’s comeback officially takes of with ‘Fly’!

GOT7 “Fly” Teaser Video 2.0

Got7 is is flying back to the KPop world with their new song ‘Fly’! After multiple teasers, from a teaser trailer, to a teaser video to a medley, they finally released the MV when the clock struck 12 on the 21st of March!

In the music video, Got7 does not only dance day and night with matching blue and red bomber jackets, they also bring us powerful choreography in multiple wing shaped formations! They even fly in the MV! YES GOT7 CAN FLY! (are they superheroes?)

The song had a really punchy and addictive beat that keeps hooking me onto it! ‘If you do’ to feel the awesomeness of Got7’s new song ‘Fly’ then you gotta listen to it to feel it! (Don’t need to panic to find it, I got you covered! Video attached on top)

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