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[TRENDING] B1A4’s Jinyoung earns the title of “Girl Group Specialized Composer”

Netizens recently discovered a hidden talent of B1A4’s leader Jinyoung. Although Jinyoung is known for composing and producing songs for his own group, it is not until recently that his talents for composing came to light.

Jinyoung’s composing skills came to light on March 11th’s episode of Mnet’s girl group survival show Produce 101, where his self-composed girlish pop track, “At The Same Time” was revealed to the public. Later on the week, on March 18th’s episode of Produce 101, the trainee group Girls On Top made its debut with “At The Same Time”, the song gathered many attention and received the highest number of votes amongst all other trainee groups. On digital charts wise, “At The Same Time” became the highest charting song out of all other tracks in the album “PRODUCE 101 – 35 Girls 5 Concepts”. Once again proves Jinyoung’s talents as a composer.

Unlike all the other songs he composed, “At The Same Time” is the first song that Jinyoung composed for another group. It also marks his first composition for female vocalists. Surprisingly, the combination of Jinyoung’s composition and female vocalists managed to create a harmonious effect; thus he earns the title of “Girl Group Specialized Compose”

In addition, Jinyoung has recently composed a track for his sister group Oh My Girl. The song that he composed, “One Step Two Step” is a dreamlike track which has a trendy melody. Through the sweet track and beautiful vocals from Oh My Girl, “One Step Two Step” aims to express the hope that lovers will not break up.

Congratulations to Jinyoung, and make sure you continue to show him your love and support!

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  1. I am happy to see Jinyoung finally gets the recognition he was working for all these years. He is really a musical genius, who creates interesting but catchy music, which has their own distinctive sound. Fighting Jinyoung! Fighting B1A4!

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