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Block B is back with ‘A few years later’

On May 27th, 2016, CJENMMUSIC Official released Block B’s official music video for ‘A Few Years Later’.

Block B has comeback after their 1 year and 7 months hiatus.The seven-member boy group once again succeeds in captivating us with their soothing voices, complementing the relaxing and nostalgic vibe of the song… perfect for spring! Block B’s last comeback was back in 2014, with ‘Jackpot’. The album, ‘Jackpot’ focuses on the group’s vibrant and cheerful image, portraying the group’s upbeat and refreshing side. Whereas ‘A Few Years Later’ takes an unexpected turn, the album shows the boys experiencing a heart-wrenching breakup, which displays a more sentimental and tender side of the group.

This song portrays a lost lover who realises and accepts the reality of loneliness when you break up. It shows as time passes, the emoty space of his ex-lover feels more real and sadness grows. It shows how the main protagonist is trying to appear normal but inside he still longs for his lover.

Let listen to Block B’s ‘A few years after’.


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