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BTS are the most retweeted artist on Twitter!

BTS is climbing up the ranks at an incredible speed, their music making it big internationally and starting a fanbase in almost every country!  Lately on Twitter there has been a lot of people mentioning and retweeting BTS, over the past 30 days 10 artists have been retweeted constantly and BTS being one of them, and taking  first place we have the Bangtan Boys with 5 393 500 retweets!

  1. Bangtan Boys (5,393,500)

  2. Kanye West (3,750,000)

  3. Justin Bieber (3,589,100)

  4. ZAYN (3,058,900)

  5. Ashton Irwin of 5 Seconds of Summer (2,197,100)

  6. Ariana Grande (2,095,000)

  7. Harry Styles (1,932,700)

  8. 5 Seconds of Summer (1,444,600)

  9. Demi Lovato (1,351,900)

  10. Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony (1,304,900)


Crazy right? Our boys are making it big and leaving their mark in the world of music, they also made it to third place with 3 983 300 mentions on Twitter.

  1. Justin Bieber (6,002,500)

  2. Harry Styles (4,929,700)

  3. Bangtan Boys (3,983,300)

  4. Ariana Grande (3,232,400)

  5. Fifth Harmony (2,152,200)

  6. ZAYN (1,981,600)

  7. Troye Sivan (1,734,400)

  8. Louis Tomlinson (1,467,900)

  9. Camila Cabello (1,410,400)

  10. One Direction (1,265,400)

This list was posted by Forbes magazine recently when Twitter was celebrating their 10th anniversary and among these ranks the Bangtan Boys were the only Kpop idols to make it in the top ten, this is just the beginning but there will be more Kpop idols who’ll climb up the ranks just like the Bangtan Boys did and it’s probably not the last time you’ll see them. This probably wasn’t possible if BTS didn’t have an amazing fanbase that’s there for them every step of the way, supporting them and listening to their music with nothing but love and joy in their hearts.

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