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Seo In Guk starts off the ‘Season of love’ with his new ballad – NowKPop
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Seo In Guk starts off the ‘Season of love’ with his new ballad

Seo In Guk released his new song, ‘Season of Love’ on March 7th and it has already hit 128K views on youtube!

This song is a ballad about how your loved one is like seasons to you, weaving in and out of your life like Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. Seo In Guk also wants to tell you to grasp the moment and love the person you love right here, right now, because there is no better time to love than now! (just like there is no better time to love KPop,love KPop now! NowKPop!)

In the M/V, Seo In Guk is seen to be kissing his lover everywhere in any situation, where if there is a fire, in a restaurant, in the lift and in the library (don’t do this at school!). This depicts the message that love is spontaneous and no one should be afraid to love.

Remember love this season and  follow us for more Seo In Guk updates because we love you too.

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