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[BREAKING] YG Entertainment holds press conference regarding 2NE1 Minzy’s departure from group

Earlier today, the girl group’s label YG Entertainment has finally responded to the endless rumours regarding whether 2NE1’s youngest member Minzy would be staying in the group. It has been reported that the 2NE1’s contract expires on May 5th, 2016.

Last January, YG Entertainment had conversations with the members individually talking about their soon-ending contracts and renewing them, as well as expressing their desire for the group’s comeback in two years. Minzy’s feelings were not mutual.

In the press conference, YG Entertainment states that 2NE1 will be continuing group activities without Minzy.

Here in the following is a snippet of YG Entertainment’s statement regarding rumours about Minzy leaving, confirming her departure once and for all.

“We apologize that we are bringing unfortunate news to the 2NE1 fans who have been waiting for such a long time.

We would like to officially announce that 2NE1’s maknae Gong Minzy will not be continuing with the group.

With 2NE1’s contracts ending on 5/5/2016, we met with each 2NE1 member to discuss contract renewals and terms but unfortunately Gong Minzy did not go forth.

Sending away someone who has been with us for 11 years since her trainee days is difficult for all but due to the sudden hiatus 2 years ago, Gong Minzy had some hard times that we full understand. Rather than feeling upset, we are apologetic towards her.” 

Before the press conference, an entertainment industry insider confided to TV Daily, explaining that 2NE1’s Minzy was allegedly looking around different agencies to sign with, but failed to due to fee problems.

YG Entertainment promises Blackjacks a return with the most ‘2NE1-like’ music.

Please continue to give 2NE1 and Minzy lots of love and support!

Source: YG United

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