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[Daebak Discovery] Chen and Punch’s OST ‘Everytime’ is a sequel of Chen’s OST ‘Best Luck’ ?!

Chen from EXO is well-known for his amazing vocals and he has been lending his voice for two of the biggest dramas of recent KDrama history. This year, Chen has sung an OST,’Everytime’ with Punch for Descendants of the Sun and surprisingly the song has a striking resemblance with the It’s Alright, It’s Okay OST , ‘Best Luck’, that Chen sang back in 2014! (DAEBAK!)

Both songs are not just well composed, but they also allow us to listen to the soothing side of Chen’s beautiful vocals. Both songs ‘Best Luck’ and ‘Everytime’ are about how your loved one is your destiny and you always can’t stop thinking about your beloved lover! Both songs also use a similar melody and both songs are definitely able to grab the hearts of romantic drama fans!(0:02 to 0:14 in ‘Best Luck’ and 0:35-0:50 of ‘Everytime’) The fact that it is also sung by the same singer is making us wonder whether if this is a plan of the composer to recall our emotional breakdowns when watching the intense story line of It’s Okay, It’s Love. Even if this is not their true intensions, it did grab our attention and ‘Everytime’ has successfully made it’s way to my most listened OST list!

Do you think that both songs are similar? Do you find this very DAEBAK? Please do leave your thoughts on the comments section below.

(We have attached the songs below 🙂 )











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