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G-Dragon’s gold-plated iPhone costs USD$10,000?

Big Bang‘s talented leader G-Dragon recently posted a photo of his own iPhone onto Instagram. This photo brought on a wave of awes because it was revealed that this Brikk Lux iPhone 6 is gold-plated and has a value of around USD $8,895!

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 11.23.54 PM

This phone is made by a famous brand Brikk which manufactures gold-plated and luxurious technology. This iPhone is said to be gold-plated with 24K pure yellow gold with the logo made from 0.68carat diamonds. These are all coated and assembled on top of the original iPhone.

Fans are currently craving over his luxurious phone and expressing their jealousy over it! Do you want one like this one too?

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