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FNC Entertainment has released a new male dance group known as NEO SCHOOL. Originally started off with 3 members, Tae Yang, Cha Ni and Ju Ho, FNC the decided to add 6 more members to the dance group, those members are Ro Woon, Young Bin, Hwi Young, Da Won, Jae Yoon and last but certainly not least In Seong. So far four out of nine members have made an appearance on television show called Click Your Heart, they starred along with their label’s one and only Mina from AOA, In the show you decide how the story ends. Cool, right? So far on their YouTube channel they have posted teasers, lessons and two dance videos, one of them being a one take video. The boys are still trainees under the company’s label just waiting for their debut, let’s support them with all the love we have and pray that their debut goes better than expected!


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