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GOT7’s JB gets injured

JB, leader and member of GOT7 recently had to visit the hospital because of a hip injury.  JB was taken to the hospital on Thursday because he had severe waist pain, which later turned out to be a medical condition known as spinal disc herniation, it’s a damage to the spine that also affects the waist. Although the decisions haven’t been made, JB may have to sit this concert out for which he has been preparing for two years since GOT7’s debut. Also JB will not be participating in the upcoming music program M Countdown that is scheduled to air on Thursday night, JYP Entertainment said “A decision will be taken after closely monitoring his health.” Members Mark and Jackson have posted on Twitter and Instagram regarding JB’s injury wishing him the best recovery and not to be afraid for he will get better soon and will be back on his feet before he even knows it, fans are also wishing JB the best recovery and are patiently waiting for him to return. With lots of love and happiness I hope you get better JB and your back to being on your feet and doing what you do best which  is making your fans, family and friends happy and proud. Get better soon JB!

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