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BTS fans urge others not to mistreat BTS concert banners

BTS’ “HYYH On Stage: Epilogue” took place in Seoul on 7 and 8 May. Many fans were seen holding BTS support mini banners which were handed out at the concert venue. The text says, “We will always appreciate you all”.

On a recent post on the Korean online community Pann, a claimed BTS fan who attended the concert made a post of a comment which was found online. This is a direct translation of the post:

“I found all this which was thrown away.

Am I the only one who is dying inside?

I found these in the trash can

I couldn’t bear letting BTS see this

So I took these out and took them back home

There are some which haven’t even been used yet

Please don’t throw them away^^”


Comments left by netizens:

(+56/-1) 5 people next to me were discussing about how to sell them and then decided not to then threw then in the garbage bin. I brought mine home and taped them on the wall

(+32/0) Motherf***ers if you’re going to throw them away you should’ve given them to me

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