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GOT7’s JB attends his first event after injury

After being injured with herniated spinal disc, the leader of GOT7 comes back to attend a recent fan meeting! JB attended the K-live Mwave MEET&GREET with the other GOT7 members on May 19, JB cheerfully took part in the event interacting with all of their supporting fans. Sources say that JB will be doing his best to attend GOT7;s schedules that do not consist of him exerting his body. Recently on the Naver “V” app broadcast, GOT7 members updated iGOT7 on JB’s condition saying: “JB has gotten a lot better. But he still has to be very careful during his recovery stage, so he’s resting a lot.”

We all are praying for your recovery to go well and that you can come back to the stage better than before and ready to pick up things right where you left off. Your friends, family and fans are all supporting you and wish only the best for your health and life. Get well soon JB!

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