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From Left to Right (Jennie, ROSÉ, Lisa, Jisoo)

BLACK PINK (블랙핑크) is a South Korean girl group under YG Entertainment. The members consist of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. They made their debut on August 8th, 2016 with their first single album SQUARE ONE and held their debut stage with the tracks BOOMBAYAH and Whistle on August 14th’s episode of SBS Inkigayo. On the 22nd of June, 2017, the group made a strong comeback with As If It’s Your Last, sweeping worldwide charts and achieving over 14 million views on youtube in just 24 hours. 




Birth Name: Kim Ji Soo (김지수)

Stage Name: Jisoo (지수)

Nickames: Chi Choo, Jichu

Position: Face Of The Group, Lead Vocalist

Favourite Food: Rice

Birthday: January 3, 1995

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea


Birth Name: Jennie Kim (제니김)

Stage Name: Jennie

Nickname: Jendeuk, Jendeugi

Position: Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist

Favourite Foods: Milk, Ice Cream

Birthday: January 16, 1996

Place of Birth: South Korea

Education: ACG Parnell College


Birth Name: Park Chae Young (박채영)

English Name: Roseanne Park 

Stage Name: ROSÉ

Nickname: Rose, Rosie, Pasta

Position: Main Vocalist

Favourite Food: Kimchi Jjigae

Hobbies: Playing the Guitar, Drawing

Ideal Type: Kind, Generous, Has a nice voice, 

Birthday: February 11, 1997

Place of Birth: New Zealand

Education: Canterbury Girls Secondary College



Birth Name: Lalisa Manoban (ลลิสา มโนบาล)

Stage Name: Lisa

Nicknames: Lalice, Laliz, Pokpak, Flying Lisa, RyeoLisa, Elephant Lisa

Position: Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist, Maknae

Favourite Food: Gamjatang

Birthday: March 27, 1997

Place of Birth: Bangkok, Thailand



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  1. there is no face of the group position in YG entertainment

    • Nowkpop uses Face of the Group for Visual idk why but that’s what they told me

      • um there’s a difference between being the “Face of the Group” and the “Visual”. I think you got those two mixed up. Jisoo is the Visual (meaning the prettiest by Korean standards) not the Face of the Group (meaning the most popular member, and someone who represents the group or the one that will come to your mind quickly if you think of the group). I don’t think BLACKPINK have one yet since they’re still a rookie and i don’t think YG assigned one for them, he only assigned the Visual

        • VISUAL must be the prettiest member, while FACE OF GROUP is the Most popular member since her debut with good reputation without scandals, A face of group is also one of the most talented, intelligent, beautiful and one of the tallest members, …while CENTER must be the most attractive and radiant in general and one of the tallest and Best dancers too … while LEADER OF GROUP is usually older member . Such as in SNSD, → YOONA is FACE of GROUP, VISUAL, CENTER and also MEMBER KEY of group, … while TAEYEON is LEADER of group because she is older member in snsd. well, NOW in Blackpink → JISOO is THE VISUAL of Group, while … LISA is the FACE of GROUP as YOONA in SNSD, both are the most popular members since their debuts in their groups with beauty and a good reputation and many talents/skills.

      • lisa isn’t the face of the group. i’m not sure if they have a face of the group yet but if they do i’m pretty sure it IS jisoo because jisoo is always the mc for different events and promotes blackpink a lot in the media.


    • HAHAHAHAHA Why…?

    • HI im menvie and i like blackpink and my idol is jennie lisa and jisoo and rose i want you to know that im your big fan and thats all

      i love you blackpink

    • Hi Blinks! If you are new to BLACKPINK, hello and I hope you will join this fandom to stan this awesome girl group! Dear author of this article, thanks for informing people about BLACKPINK. However, there are a few corrections I would like to make so people will not be confused…


      Jennie is the face of the group! The face of the group is the most popular member especially in Korea. Jennie is the most famous member in Korea and netizens have named her as the face of the group. Also, she is very famous internationally. Additionally, YG treats Jennie like a princess compared to the other members. While Lisa is the most famous member internationally, Jennie is more popular in Korea. For example, Nayeon is the face of TWICE even though Tzuyu is more popular internationally. So Jennie is the face of the group.

    • Anyeon G I like lisa because she’s adorable prettiest in blackpink and I like her voice and orange hair😂😂

  2. jennie was born in New Zealand, not Netherland hehe

  3. Jisoo and kara han seung yeon face are similar

  4. Jisoo is the visual. She is pretty, but I honestly prefer Rose and Jennie. Jisoo has this “familiar look” that does not give off the vibe visual gives.

  5. They all stunning!! Love ’em

  6. Jennie was born in Seoul then moved to New Zealand she does hold their citizenship. Jisoo real birthday is January 3, it is shown in the showcase photos.

  7. Waaaaah jisoo


  9. spring

  10. jennie is a lead vocal not a sub vocal. and the correct term for jisoo is lead vocal and visual, not face of the group. there is no face of the group in BP.

    • Jennie isn’t lead vocal. These are the confirmed positions (ones released by Yg). Blinks made up that jennie is the lead vocal because she gets many lines and that rose is the lead dancer-which is not true. Get this in your head before you state fake info.

  11. meri pundi wagdi pe just like BP ouw ye.
    btw what name of fandom ? me is a fan and wa’s gud B.I

  12. There’s mistakes here and there but I will only point out ONE. Jennie was born in the Netherlands not in Korea.

  13. they are sooooo awesome…

  14. Lisa is bambam from GOT7 chilhoot friens

  15. It sucks that jisoo is the visual…its like they’re just using her because she is pretty :/

  16. lisa’s face so hot, especially for her lips

  17. lisa!! love love!! she’s stunning!!

  18. The girls are so amazing and has angst <3

    Hi Now K-Pop!
    I reposted your article and I noted that it's from you! I hope it's alright ^-^

    I made a Community in Google +
    hope you guys could join..

    #Black Pink Community

  19. I actually not interested to rookie korean group..but BlackPink just snab my heart…their debut was feels like a lyrical hip hop song…i prefer to look a dance style..cause iam a freestyle tutting…..Whts their fansclub name??

  20. lisa my bias 🙂

  21. jisoo ilove her

  22. hahaha bajsjdjs

  23. JENNIE BIAS <333

  24. jisoo birthday is 20th june

  25. jisoo is a visual not face of the group becoz they’re still have no official of face of the group and if they have maybe it’s jennie or lisa just my opinion becoz the two of them is mostly the biases of the fans of bp

  26. I listen to blackpink’s songs like everydae…..dey r currently DA best girlgroup ( my fav)..FYI..Jennie is my bias..😍..go BP…!!! SARANGE..

  27. Anyone a fan of Rosé?

  28. Jennie is the best! Love you Jennie!

  29. Lisa Is My Bias In BlackPink <3 Saranghaeyo Unnie <3

  30. my Bias is Jennie.. she so Pretty!!

  31. Lisa is my bias 🙂

  32. Jennie and jisoo is my bias😍😍😘😘

  33. wait… same! rapper is Lisa and Jennie.. ok i understand…


  35. #ohayo#momo#marsya

    Hello black pink.Now I want talk about Lisa.Lisa in YouTube all person think you and bam bam are a good friend.I remember that you are Australia but not.

    #Please be a good friend with bam bam

  36. lisa!!!!!!!!! for me

  37. I love black pink and their music SO MUCH!!!!!!!😜😜😜😜🎶🎶👌

  38. Jennie’s Profile is wrong. She isn’t from Netherlands, she is Korean but lived in New Zealand as a child. Please release the correct information.

  39. i m lalisa manoban from black pink

  40. Rose was born in Melbourne, Australia not New Zealand. Please up-date asap.

  41. OMG. I love Jennie way 2 much! She is amazing, and the rapper. Kpop groups usually don’t have rappers, so that just makes Jennie even more cool. So punk. I also read she is the bad girl in BlackPink. Like intimidating and her style of clothing is really punk. Love it!

  42. Can you people teach me korean language..!!

  43. Jennie for the win she has the most xps and she is soo cute and sexy at the same time (opa from greece) !!!!

  44. rose luv u

  45. Blackpink is my favorite kpop band

  46. Lisa bias here! She’s sweeeeg and I love it! Looking forward for her solo song. Hope for it! 😊

  47. i love you bp iam naz please replay my comment

  48. Happy birthday rose black pink

  49. Wow…I now won’t Jennie I love Jennie and how age blackpink and what is leader in the blackpink

  50. JENNIE is main rapper + lead vocalist, not sub-vocalist. She sang the chorus along with Rosé in Playing With Fire. JENNIE and JISOO are both lead vocalists.


  52. Jisoo 💕 💕 💕

  53. Something is really of cause if Jennie is a sub vocalist and a main rapper she should sing more rap parts than Lisa and less vocalist parts than jisso…But inverse of this she sing more vocalist parts more than main vocalist (Rose) while Lisa sing the most rap parts (being a Lead rapper) this make no sense at alllll!!

  54. Can someone please update Rosé profile?!!!?!?! She’s also a lead dancer <3

  55. Forever Jisoo for me, and you just cannot hate her however you watch.. and Jisoo created like half of this profile.. My own opinion~~!! Chi Choo jjang~~!

  56. Excuse me but somebody came and say I’m laLisa but she’s not she think we’re stupid? And another thing
    Lisa is main rapper and lead dancer but Jennie is face of group (to said in news ) and jisoo is visual and rose is main vocalist do not say wrong things to people if you don’t know anything

  57. Excuse me but somebody came and say I’m laLisa but she’s not she think we’re stupid? And another thing
    Lisa is main rapper and lead dancer but Jennie is face of group (to said in news ) and jisoo is visual and rose is main vocalist do not say wrong things to people if you don’t know anything

  58. Jennie is the Face of the group and she’s also the lead vocalist. Jisoo is the Visual and also the lead vocalist. Rose is the lead dancer of the group.

  59. Hi, blackpink Jennie I’m your big fan….. I admire you so much, and I love you blackpink.. go go

  60. hi, blackpink I am cessa me is the one solid fan in your group…I admire you so much and i love blackpink and i love rose why/ becuase she saw very beautiful and smart i like them.. I wish blackpink is so verry famous in korea and phil….I LOVE BLACKPINK..

  61. naneun dangsin-kwa sarang-e ppajyeottna nan eotteonke haneunji moleukkesseo nan iyuleul moleukkesseo bangkeum geulaesseoyo
    #lisa (yeon-indeul)

  62. i only want to say is blackpink is my favorite korean girl group because i think that they’re real and they treat each other as sisters.. and i love how they treat their fans.. it’s the most important thing. that’s all. thank you.

    <3 Jennie
    <3 Lisa
    <3 Rose
    <3 Jisoo


  63. Jisoo – VISUAL, lead vocalist
    Jennie – main rapper, LEAD VOCALIST
    Rose – main vocalist, LEAD DANCER
    Lisa – lead rapper, MAIN DANCER, sub-vocalist, maknae

  64. Visual and face are different, and Rose is a dancer. Also, Jennie is not a sub-vocalist.

    Jisoo – VISUAL, lead vocalist
    Jennie – main rapper, LEAD VOCALIST
    Rose – main vocalist, LEAD DANCER
    Lisa – lead rapper, MAIN DANCER, sub-vocalist, maknae

  65. Some of the positions are wrong. Jisoo is a lead vocalist and the VISUAL, not the face. Jennie is a main rapper and LEAD VOCALIST. Rose is a main vocalist, but she’s also the LEAD DANCER. Lisa’s are all right, though. Thanks! 🙂

  66. For me, I love all of them soo so soooooo much but Rose just has something special about her that makes me love her even more <3

  67. lisa is the prettiest in the group for me.love you lisa

  68. Rose’

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    additional material, is there any other site which provides these kinds of data in quality?

  70. Σταυρούλα Χρονοπούλου

    my favoyrite is jennie and lisa♥♥☻☺♥

  71. Σταυρούλα Χρονοπούλου

    my favoyrite song is dududududu

  72. isn’t Rose a lead dancer? :/

  73. I don’t like Lisa’s face I like Rose and Jennie

  74. Lisa can be a fearless , cool , cute , feminine and boyish she is the monster of dancing i love her expression of her every moves and she is also smart 5 languages? how come
    how i wish i reach my dream to become a kpop..

  75. lisa don’t mind the haters just mind me.lol..🤚🤚..😇😇

  76. Hi lisa

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