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SISTAR wins July 7th’s episode of M! Countdown!

M! Countdown is back with an hour of great show!

This episode was full of wonders first of all we have veteran girl group Wonder Girls returning with their newest single Why So Lonely, rookie girl group GUGUDAN debuting with their first title track Wonderland, BEAST singing their new track Ribbon and Butterfly beautifully for their BEAUTIES, Melody Day filling the stage with Colour, MATILDA says Summer Again, SEVENTEEN being Very Nice to their Carats, C.I.V.A asks Why, and last but not least NCT 127 bringing their Fire Truck on to the stage!

The nominees for today’s episode were SISTAR and EXID however it was SISTAR who grabbed the #1 trophy for the week. Congratulations!

Other artists of the night were ROMEO, DIA, SONAMOO, ASTRO, KNK, MADTOWN, VAV and BRAVE GIRLS

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