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Empty House is not Zhou Mi’s upcoming title track for his new release?

Is Empty House really going to be Zhou Mi’s upcoming title track for his new release? 

E.L.Fs were shocked to see Zhou Mi’s music video teaser yesterday for Empty House as not a single word nor a single teaser photo was unveiled upon the release of the music video teaser for Empty House. However at the same time on July 12th’s episode of SBS MTV The Show a teaser for Zhou Mi’s comeback was revealed. Unlike the emotional ballad teaser that he released for Empty House, the song that he was singing for his comeback teaser on SBS MTV The Show was a fun dance pop track filled with summer vibes! Therefore if he is holding his come back stage with a fun and joyful dance pop track on next week’s episode SBS MTV The Show then Empty House would only be either a B-Side track or a pre-released single. So is Empty House going to be his actual come back track?

To find out the truth make sure you check out the track on 12:PM (KST) and see if it matches with his comeback stage teaser above! Stay tuned with more updates!

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