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[BREAKING] Kris and Luhan are officially back in SM Entertainment!

Kris and Luhan are officially back in SM Entertainment!

Earlier today various media outlets reported that Kris and Luhan has come to an agreement with SM Entertainment regarding to their lawsuits, the rumors were later confirmed when SM Entertainment released an official statement.

They stated, “Kris and Luhan’s lawsuit with SM Entertainment has finally come to an end. Although specific details of the contract cannot be revealed, however according to the agreement Kris and Luhan’s contract with SM Entertainment will remain valid until 2022. Meanwhile Kris and Luhan will have freedom in their acting and music careers, however they will have to share their revenues with SM Entertainment until their contract ends.”

How are you taking the news?

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  1. To be honest this way hurts much more … knowing they are still bond to SM but not to EXO is cruel for me x(

  2. I really wish Kris, Luhan , AND my bias Tao to go back to Exo.

  3. I wish that luhan will go back to exo

  4. is this legit????? coz if yes, i’m still waiting for them also i believed all HUNHAN shippers STILL waiting to have there bias back the way before

  5. hope that both luhan and kris will go back to exo!

  6. Are they going back to join exo????

  7. Please tell the truth so I wont be “paasa” again😢😭😭

  8. Sorry to tell y’all but they’re still doing their individual activities, just under SMs Management. They aren’t going to rejoin EXO unfortunately.

  9. How i wish there’s still a chance that they’ll come back to EXO

  10. I hope they will also come back not just in SM but also in Exo 🙁

  11. Seriously !! Will they be back in exo team?

  12. if they comeback again, hope they can get the justice, caring,loving and attantion more than before.

  13. arghhh im still hoping they would be complete i miss the three of them huhuhu

  14. ot12! I want ot12! please come back the three of you! jebal~

  15. lyka vanessa darias abrasaldo

    same with us! , i wish that exo kris and luhan wil be back to thier group….

  16. I’m so upse, cause at first I was excited thinking that they all were going to rejoin with exo again, but I finally understand that they aren’t they are still part of Sm, but only till 2022, that’s upsetting to me!! Why do they still have to b part of SM still?

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