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Happy Chilseok everybody!

Since it is Chilseok let’s look at a song that expresses the cute feelings of Gyeonwoo and Jiknyeo, the couple that meets every year during Chilseok.

Red Velvet – 7월7일 (One Of These Nights)
Korean Lyrics by 서지음(Jam Factory)
Composed by Hwang Chan Hee / Andreas Oberg / Maria Marcus
Arranged by Hwang Chan Hee / Lee Seung Joo, Hong So Jin

Their newly released title track 7월 7일 (One Of These Nights), is a lovely dreamlike ballad track which features the beautiful orchestra and piano as the background instruments. The song is written based on the mythology Gyeonwoo & Jiknyeo”, it talks about the aftermath of a couple who was forced to part ways. While reminiscing the sweet memories they have been through together, the lovers have a small, simple hope, which is to meet each other one day. 

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