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NCT Dream Profile

NCT Dream (Korean: 엔씨티 Dreamis the third sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s boy group NCT. The seven member sub-unit consists of Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chen Le, Jisung and Jaemin

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Birth Name: Mark Lee Min Hyun (마크, 이민형)

Stage Name: Mark (마크)

Nickname: Mul

Position: Leader­¹­, Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist

Birthday: August 2, 1999

Blood Type: A

Height: 174 cm

Hobby(ies): Guitar

Speciality(ies): Rap, Guitar, Badminton

Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul

Place of Birth: Vancouver, Canada 

Favorite number: 2

Favorite foods: Bagels, Cookies and Cream flavoured Ice Cream, enicken, Kimchi, Rice, Watermelon, Jajangmyeon, Cookies, Chips, Bread, Chocolate.

Favorite drinks: Banana Milk, Coca Cola

Favorite accessories: Hats

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite time of day: Midnight

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite weather: Windy

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favourite Subjects: English, Writing, PE (Physical Education)

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Science

Favorite musicians: Beyonce, Coldplay, Chris Brown, SHINee’s Minho, EXO’s Xiumin

Favorite music genres: R&B, Rap, Groovy, Dance

Favorite movie genre: Inspirational Movies

Favorite place: Canada

Favorite sports: Badminton, Ice skating

Dream: People to be happy while listening to his music


Birth Name: Huang Ren Jun (黄仁俊)

Stage Name: Renjun (런쥔)

Nickname: 大黃

Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthday: June 28, 2000

Blood Type: O

Height: –

Weight: –

Hobbies: Drawing Moomin

Speciality: Running around with a hula hoop

Favourite Subject(s): Korean 

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Nothing 

Favourite Sunbae: EXO’s Lay

Education: –

Place of Birth: Jilin, People’s Republic of China

Dream: To live happily


Birth Name: Lee Je No (이제노)

Stage Name: Jeno (제노)

Nickname: N/A

Position: Face of The Group, Sub Vocalist

Birthday: April 23, 2000

Blood Type: A

Height: 171 cm

Weight: 45kg

Hobbies: Watch ONE PIECE, Guitar

Speciality: Acting, Assembling Models

Favourite Foods: Chocolate Milk, Glazed Doughnuts, Watermelon, Ramen, Fried Chicken, Hamburger, Ice Cream, Slushies, Dark Chocolate, Seafood Soup, Jjampong, Sour Food

Favourite Flower: Cherry Blossom

Favourite Weather: Windy, Winter

Favourite Scent: Mint

Favourite Subjects: History, Science

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Mathematics

Favourite Animal: Horse

Favourite Color: Blue

Favourite Musicians: Super Junior Donghae, Siwon, NCT’s Jaehyun, Dynamic Duo, Maroon 5, Yoo Jaesuk

Favourite Song: EXO’s Promise

Favourite TV Show: Naruto, Infinity Challenge, Who Are You?

Favourite Movies: Chappie, The Thieves, The Lion King

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts

Place of Birth: Incheon, South Korea

Dream: To be happy and work hard to become a successful singer


Birth Name: Lee Dong Hyuck (이동혁)

Stage Name: Haechan (해찬)

Nickname: Dongsookie, Dong Ah Haechan

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: June 6, 2000

Blood Type: AB

Height: 171 cm

Weight: –

Hobbies: Piano, Listening to Music, Singing

Speciality: Dance, Football

Favourite Subject: Music 

Favourite Sunbae: SHINee’s Taemin

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Science

Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts

Place of Birth: Jeju, South Korea

Dream: To become a singer-songwriter


Birth Name: Na Jae Min (나재민)

Stage Name: Jaemin (재민)

Nickname: Nana

Position: Lead Rapper

Birthday: August 13, 2000

Blood Type: AB

Height: –

Weight: –

Hobbies: Composing, Watching Anime

Hobbies: Cooking, Badminton

Favourite Subject: PE (Physical Education) 

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Sociology

Favourite Number: 3

Favourite Colour: White

Favourite Season: Autumn

Favourite Food(s): Ramen, Potato Pizza, Fast Food, Jelly, Chocolate, Peaches, Chocolate Milk, Green Tea, Honey Tteokbokki, Fried Chicken

Dislike Food(s): Strawberry-flavoured snack

Favourite Celebrities: Lee Young Dae, EXO’s Kai, Tight Eyez

Favourite Movie Genre: Horror

Favourite Movies: Iron Man series

Favourite Music Genre: Hip-Hop

Favourite Sunbae: Super Junior’s Heechul

Favourite Choreography: EXO’s Love Me Right

How to relieve stress: Listening to Music

What does he do every morning: Eat apples

What does he like to do before sleeping: Drinking Milk

Dislikes: Hula-hoop

A Pet that he wants: Dog

Education: Cheongil Elementary School

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Dream: To be a person that would be remembered by many people

On Hiatus

Chen Le

Birth Name: Zhong Chen Le (鍾辰樂)

Stage Name: Chen Le (천러)

Nickname: Lele (樂樂), Broom

Position: Main Vocalist

Birthday: November 22, 2001

Blood Type: A

Height: –

Weight: –

Hobbies: Cooking, Football, Music Appreciation

Speciality: Singing, Piano, Football, Basketball

Favourite Subjects: PE (Physical Education), Mathematics, English

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Sociology, Science

Education: –

Favourite Sunbae: EXO’s Lay

Place of Birth: Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

Dream: To become a recognized singer


Birth Name: Park Ji Sung (박지성)

Stage Name: Jisung (지성)

Nickname: Mouse, Jisung Park

Position: Maknae, Main Dancer

Birthday: February 2, 2002

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hobbies: Jamming, Games, Rapping, Dancing, Singing

Speciality: Popping, Locking, Contemplation

Favourite Sport: Soccer

Favourite Subjects: PE (Physical Education), Sociology 

Subject(s) he hate(s) the most: Every Subject

Favorite Celebrities: EXO’s Kai

Education: Mia Elementary School

Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea

Dream: 50% of the people in this world knowing our group’s name

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  6. Chenle was born in 2001, not 2000. So, Chenle’s birth year should be corrected to 2001. Please change it. Thank you 🙂

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  31. The heights are wrong this is the UPDATED height as of November 2016.
    (on their official profiles)

    Mark- 177cm

    Renjun- 170cm

    Jeno- 176cm

    Haechan- 174cm

    Jaemin- 176cm

    Chenle- 171cm

    Jisung- 173cm

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