Idol Jackson Wang of GOT7 was unfortunately was involved in a car accident and was also injured when he was on his way to the airport on Thursday Sept. 1st. People snapped some pictures of Jackson being escorted by a staff member where he was holding his back in pain. After being involved in the accident Jackson had taken the liberty to get out of his car and ask the other people that were involved if they were alright. JYP Entertainment also took to their social media to talk about the incident, they said, “This is JYP Entertainment. Today during his way to the airport, Jackson was injured due to the car accident as he was chased by fans. After Jackson arrived in Japan, he was immediately sent to the hospital to check his body. Chasing an artist’s car is a dangerous act that can cause a serious accident, not only to the artist but to you and those you know. Please respect the rules. Do not let this dangerous and illegal act happen again. Thank you.” Please do send Jackson all your support and pray for him to get well soon, keep him in your prayers and make sure, if you can, take to your social media to show him your support and love using the hashtag #GetWellSoonJackson.

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