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LOONA releases April Girl ViVi’s solo music video “Everyday I Love You”

Known for giving each of the LOON∆ members a solo music video, BlockBerry Creative has continued the tradition by releasing the music video for LOON∆ ViVi’s solo track “Everyday I Love You” earlier in April. One of the key elements of the music video is that it takes on the unique style of a 90’s MV, featuring 90s fashion outfits and bringing back the Ring Light in the shooting of the MV to turn up the brightness of face closeups.

Despite being a music video for ViVi’s solo track, the other 4 LOON∆ members have also made an appearance in “Everyday I Love You”, with December Girl Haseul taking on the role of a rapper.

The company has also surprised fans by making a statement that the new member Jinsoul, rumoured to be the May girl, will be revealed as soon as the music video hits 300,000 views.

Don’t forget to check out the LOON∆ Profile page on NowKpop and watch the music video “Everyday I Love You”! Jinsoul’s waiting!

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