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LOONA 1/3’s first repackaged album “Love & Evil” has been released

Continuing on from the earlier success in their first mini album “Love & Live”, LOON∆ 1/3 has just released “Love & Evil”, which BlockBerry Creative calls the “inverted version” of the original album. The repackaged album features 3 additional songs; title track “Sonatine”, Love & Evil, Rain 51db, along with the original 4 that were in the original album and a remix of its title track “Love & Live”.

With this, LOON∆ 1/3 also released the music video for “Sonatine”, mesmerising fans with mystical melodies and vivid visuals. The group will also be performing this song during their 2nd music show appearance in Inkigayo on 30 April.

Below are the tracklist for “Love & Evil” album and the music video for “Sonatine”. Please don’t forget to check out our LOON∆ Profile page while you’re at it!

  1. Love & Evil
  2. Sonatine (알 수 없는 비밀)
  3. Rain 51db (비의 목소리 51db)
  4. Love & Live (지금, 좋아해)
  5. You and Me Together
  6. Fairy Tale
  7. Valentine Girl (3월을 기다려)
  8. Love & Live (Remix)*

*only available in the CD version

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