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Kim Lip is May’s Girl of the Month!

It has been 24 hours since BlockBerry Creative released ViVi’s new music video “Everyday I Need You”, which features new LООПΔ member JinSoul, and just a few minutes ago, LООПΔ has proceeded to reveal the Girl of the Month of May.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, the May’s Girl of the Month for Girl Group Project LООПΔ is not JinSoul. It is Kim Lip (김립)!

As teased by this video uploaded 2 weeks ago, where there were two girls with their faces blurred throughout the entire video, there are actually two future LOOПΔ members waiting to be revealed; one had blonde hair (which is highly likely to be JinSoul) and the other had orange-brown hair, implying that there is a possibility that LOOПΔ might reveal the other member before JinSoul.

This is further reinforced by the teaser picture posted a few days ago, which shows a girl with light brown hair instead of the blonde hair that JinSoul has.

Nevertheless, here you have it! Kim Lip is the Girl of May for LOOПΔ and she will be part of the new sub-unit lineup LOOПΔ 2/3! We wish her all the best in her upcoming projects! Also, don’t forget to check out our LOOПΔ Profile to know more about this new vibrant girl group!



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