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Get ready for LOOΠΔ JinSoul’s solo track ‘Singing in the Rain’

LOOΠΔ JinSoul’s upcoming solo track’s name has been revealed to be ‘Singing in the Rain’, with its video teaser scheduled to be released on the 20th of June at 12 pm (GMT +09) via Naver V App and at midnight (GMT +09) on the following day for youtube viewers.

The thumbnail of the teaser video can be seen on LOOΠΔ’s Vlive Channel as the following. It appears that JinSoul will be wearing the exact same outfit as Kim Lip did for her solo MV ‘Eclipse’, with only the colour being different (blue instead of red). She also seems to be holding a bag of water, which suggests that her representative animal is likely to be a fish, which matches her blue representative colour.

From the 2 most recent teaser photos, which contains both JinSoul and Kim Lip (who was released in the previous month as the girl of May), the possibility of there being a collaboration music video between the two is pretty high, as BlockBerry Creative have done so previously for the first two members Heejin and Hyunjin with ‘I’ll Be There’.

Stay tuned to NowKpop for more information and don’t forget to check out our updated LOOΠΔ profile!


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