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JinSoul is ‘Singing in the Rain’ in LOOΠΔ’s new music video!

After her cameo appearance in LOOΠΔ ViVi’s ‘Everyday I Need You’ music video, as well as her many teasers in LOOΠΔ TV episodes, fans have been yearning for JinSoul’s content. And today, on the 26th of June, BlockBerry Creative has finally answered the fans’ prayers and have released JinSoul’s music video ‘Singing in the Rain’.

The music takes on the Future Bass music style, which is completely different from the style of music that the members of LOOΠΔ 1/3 have previously been involved with. With Kim Lip’s solo title track ‘Eclipse’ being an Urban R&B track, it appears that the music that the LOOΠΔ 2/3 members will be featuring in will suit the tastes of modern international fans more than the former lineup.

The music video contains many scenes involving water and aquariums of goldfish, which fits perfectly with the idea that her representative animal is a fish. The designated blue and black representative colours for JinSoul is also emphasized in the music video with many scenes containing mainly these two colours.

‘Singing in the Rain’ also contains many rap parts, where JinSoul shows off her strong raping capabilities. This is also the second time we’ve heard JinSoul rap in a LOOΠΔ MV, which suggests that she might be LOOΠΔ’s main rapper, similar to EXY’s role in WJSN.

With the release of this title track, JinSoul’s solo album as well as her collaborative album with Kim Lip is now released. The album contains two songs, ‘Singing in the Rain’ and ‘Love Letter’, a melodic song featuring both Kim Lip and JinSoul.

Enjoy the music video below and stay tuned to NowKpop for more LOOΠΔ content. Also, don’t forget to check out our updated LOOΠΔ Profile for more information about LOOΠΔ!

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