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MAMAMOO obtain their first win with ‘Yes I Am’ on ‘The Show’

On the June 27th episode of ‘The Show’, MAMAMOO took the win by a significant margin with 8860 votes, over T-ara and 9 Muses, who achieved 3671 and 3127 votes respectively.

Congratulations to MAMAMOO for their music show win on ‘The Show’ with their latest title track ‘Yes I Am’! The win was well deserved and we hope that the win can bring more popularity to this talented group and help them win more music show awards in the near future!

This music show win is also the first music program award the group has received since their last win with ‘Decalcomanie’ on ‘The Show’ in November last year.

‘Yes I Am’ is the title track for MAMAMOO’s new 5th mini album ‘Purple’ which features 5 different songs, with the title track and ‘Aze Gag’ receiving the highest popularity. ‘Yes I Am’ is a song that brings out the theme of confidence in hopes to encourage women to be more confident in themselves.

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