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A PINK received death- threat again

A Pink received another death- threat  from an anti- fan.

On June 26, a Cube Entertainment received a call from an anti- fan. He (Anti- fan) is the same person who is continuously sending a death- threat to A Pink. He said that he had planted bombs at KBS center in order to kill A Pink. A Pink was supposed to present their comeback showcase on KBS ‘Music Bank’; with their new song ‘FIVE’.

A Cube Entertainment reported this to the police. The police sent bomb- sniffing dogs but no bumbs were found. The comeback showcase of A Pink was held on schedule and ended well without any interruption. The police tracked the IP address of the anti- fan and found to be at Canada. The police is going to provide protection and going to invest this case immediately.

Cube Entertainment released their official statement of saying that ‘The members are very shocked. They are feeling mental pressure by receiving continuous death- threat.’


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