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EXO is coming back!!

Exo is coming back with their 4th official album ‘The War’. The songs will be released on July 18 6PM through Genie, Naver music and etc.

Track list:

  1. Ko Ko Bop
  2. 다이아몬드, Diamond
  3. Forever
  4. 소름, Chill
  5. 전야, The Eve
  6. What U Do?
  7. 너의 손짓, Touch It

The title song is ‘코코밥, Ko Ko Bop’.

‘Ko’ meand fun and happy and ‘Bop’ means dance. So their title song ‘코코밥, Ko Ko Bap’ means fun and happy dance with the rhythm.

The teaser of the songs and members will be released in a consecutive manner. The teaser video will be posted on NowKPop website.


Here is the first teaser clip of Kai:



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