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Uee and Kangnam confirmed them dating!


(photo: Dispatch)

Uee and Kangnam got to know each other through ‘정글의 법칙 인 뉴질랜드, Law of Jungle in New Zealand’. Since then, they became good friends and started to date each other for 3 month already.

Previously, Uee and her Label (Yeoreum Entertainment) denied them (Uee and Kangnam) dating rumors for twice.

However, both Uee and Kangnam’s label confirmed that they are dating each other.

Uee’s label made their official statement saying that “Uee and Kangnam recently began dating with romantic feelings and are in the beginning states, so we re being careful with the sudden reports. To be considerate of the other side, we denied the rumors at first, but after discussing the matter with both sides, we’ve decided to come forward with it.”


Kangnam’s label also said that “It is true that Kangnam is dating Uee. We gave no comments previously to be considerate of the other side.”


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