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‘MOMOLAND’ is coming back with Wanna One ‘Jae Hwan’

MOMOLAND is coming back with their 2nd mini album ‘Freez’.

Track list:

  1. 꼼짝마 Do not move/ Freeze (title)
  2. 좋아 I like
  3. 너, 어느 별에서 왔니 Which star are you from?
  4. 오르골 Music box
  5. 어마어마해 Wonderful love(EDM ver.)
  6. 꼼짝마 Don’t move/ Freeze (inst.)


Momoland debuted by Mnet survival program ‘Finding MOMOLAND’.

MOMOLAND was a girl group with 7 members (혜빈 Hye Bin, 연우 Yeon Woo, 제인 Jane, 나윤 Na Yun, 주이 Joo E, 아인 Ah In, 낸시 Nancy). However they are now 9 with two new member, 데이지 Daisy and 태하 Tae ha.


The teaser video for their title ‘꼼짝마 Do not move/ Freeze’ has been released.





The concept of the music video is driven from ‘Alice in the wonderland’.With Vivid color images, the music video provides energetic and fairy tale like appeal.

Morever, Jae Hwan from Wanna One is on the music video to help MOMOLAND.


The new song ‘꼼짝마 Do not move/ Freeze’ will be released on August 22, 6PM

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