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NCT DREAM comeback stage

NCT is a uniqe group. The word NCT stands for Neo Culture Technology. It discribe the concept of the group that has unlimited number og members divided into multiple sub- units based in various cities around the world.

NCT has 3 different unit group: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM.


NCT DREAM has 7 members: Tae Il, Jonny, Tae Yong, Do Yong, Jae Hyun, Winwin, Mark and Hae Chan.

NTC DREAM is back with their  1st mini  album!

Track list:

  1. We Young (title)
  2. La La Love
  3. 같은 시간 같은 자리 Walk You Home
  4. My Page
  5. We Young (Chinese ver.)
  6. Trigger the fever (Bonus track)



NCT DREAM made their comeback stage on August 17, 2017. The comeback stage was held on M Count Down.

NCT DREAM presented two songs, We Yong and Trigger the fever.

Watch the video and check out their performances!


We Young:






Trigger the fever:






To watch the music video, please click the link below:

NCT DREAM music video




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