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Welcome to GUGUDAN’s Chocolate Factory! + “Chococo” MV


GUGUDAN (구구단) released their 1st single “Act 3. Chococo Factory” today!

They have made a comeback after 8 months since the release of “Act 2. Narcissus”.

This new album “Act 3. Chococo Factory” is based on the novel “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

The GUGUDAN members focused on “Willy Wonka,” the main character of the novel who is very unique chocolate factory owner, and they became “Wily Wonka” to show GUGUDAN’s uniqueness through this album.

Moreover, as sweet chocolate gives happiness and joy to Charlie and other children, GUGUDAN wants to give happiness and joy to the public through their “sweet music”.

The album contains 4 songs in total, including the title song “Chococo”.

In the music video, you can see the GUGUDAN members are making chocolate in the factory as Willy Wonka.

Also, you can enjoy watching GUGUDAN’s special dance like Oompa Loompas’ dance in the novel.

We are inviting you to GUGUDAN’s wonderful chocolate factory!


  1. Chococo
  2. Lucky
  3. Snowball (스노우볼)
  4. Chococo (inst.)


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