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[Breaking*] IZ*ONE’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ was sung by CLC in alleged leaked demo!

A video has surfaced on the internet with dancers deciding to IZ*ONE’s debut song ‘La Vie en Rose’ and it is claimed that the demo version was allegedly sung by Cube’s girl group, CLC.

CLC members posing with Roses on their SNS accounts

Speculations are backed up with CLC members uploading short clips and pictures of roses on their SNS accounts, suggesting a comeback with a Rose related love song in May, and with CLC still not having a comeback since then, many speculate that CLC was originally set to make a comeback with ‘La Vie en Rose’. Youtuber, HYERL_0609 (Matt),is not just the uploader of the leaked demo, and has also made a video with line distributions of CLC members in the allegedly leaked CLC demo version of ‘La Vie en Rose’.

Furthermore, music producers and composers, MosPic (손영진) and Fredy, who have been composing songs for Cube artists G(I)-DLE, HYUNA, PENTAGON and CLC are seemingly involved in the production of IZ*ONE’s ‘La Vie en Rose’, once again, giving support to the claims of ‘La Vie en Rose’ originally being CLC’s comeback track.

Regardless how the history of this beautiful song, I’m sure everyone is glad that this song was eventually released to public for everyone to enjoy ! IZ*ONE is also achieving great records with this song, with the M/V being the most viewed debut M/V in KPop history! Since winning Produce 48, IZ*ONE members have worked hard in learning the choreography of ‘La Vie en Rose’!

Click here to check out IZ*ONE’s dance practice for ‘La Vie en Rose’!

If CLC did make comeback with ‘La Vie en Rose’, how did you think they will have performed this song differently from IZ*ONE? Please do leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

‘La Vie en Rose’ is actually the name of a really popular song with a lot of history which is also performed by Lady Gaga herself in the recent movie, ‘A Star is Born’. To learn more about the elegant history of this phrase and song, check out our article by clicking here. 

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  1. if it was closed song it would not that popular bcoz izone really fit it well

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