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Chief Editor of NowKpop Marketing Manager of iPopCon Media

[INSTIZ] This Japanese idol is a look-alike of BTS Jungkook!

Recently, on Korea’s social networking site Instiz, a post stated that the 17 year-old Japanese idol singer is “related” to BTS‘ Jungkook. It was later found out that this idol is Kanna Hashimoto, a member of the Japanese idol group Rev. by DVL– they are not actually related, but only …

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iKON’s Bobby shows off his hip-hop feels for W Korea

iKON‘s powerful rapper Bobby recently posed for W Korea‘s Magazine photo shoot! Bobby shows off his hip-hop rapper feels in this photoshoot; we even get to see some of his English handwritten scribbled on top of these photos! Some of these phrases include “…person like Michael…”, “Making songs that never …

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Timberland- Idols love it!

Timberland has been a very famous brand, known for its fashionable and comfortable clothing and shoes. The most famous of its products would probably be this pair of boots in its most classic colour costing at ₩258,000. Many Korean idols and stars have been seen to be wearing it either in …

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AOA Cream films surprise camera with 1theK staff fans!

AOA Cream has started their episode of 1theK’s “Run To You: AOA Cream”! This is a surprise camera episode. Staff working at the 1theK office were asked to sit together as if it were a real interview. They were asked questions about their favourite K-pop idol group and many replied …

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BTS V is toilet friends with BTOB’s Sungjae?

On episode 3 of “Flower Boy Bromance“, V said that he is “Toilet friends” with BTOB‘s Sungjae. V said that at the start of BTS‘ debut, he met Sungjae in the toilet and decided to say hello. Sungjae then asked him if he was born in 1995 and V replied, …

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BTS V once went on a secret date with Park Bo Gum?

On 18 February’s broadcast of “Flower Boy Bromance” with BTS‘ V and Music Bank’s MC Kim Min Jae, V recently revealed the many Korean stars he was close to and was constant in touch with. “I text Park Bo Gum everyday. We met on Music Bank because he used to be …

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The many hair colours of BTS!

BTS is known for their hairstyle looks and colours, for example, red, purple, orange, and many more! Let’s take a moment to explore the many hair colours members of BTS have tried out before! Black- J-Hope Black- Jimin Black- Jin Black- Jungkook Black- Rap Monster Black- Suga Black- V Blonde- …

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G-Friend go insane in the karaoke room!

Mnet posted another video of idols having fun in their mini karaoke room, and this time, it’s G-Friend! G-Friend members Yerin, Eunha, and ShinB were the ones who went into the mini noraebang (Karaoke room). They sang their own group’s ‘Me Gustas Tu‘, BTS‘ hit song ‘Dope‘ with ShinB dancing to …

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4MINUTE (포미닛) “HATE” 싫어 Fanchant 응원법

4MINUTE (포미닛) “HATE” 싫어 Fanchant 응원법 네 눈빛이 말해 주고 있어 Liar liar liar 더 날 속이지 마 4MINUTE 이젠 더 이상 알고 싶지 않아 I don’t wanna know know know 더는 No no no 다 끝났어 가요 가요 여기까진가 봐요 Get out get out 뒤돌아서 나가요 이 사랑의 끝에는 미움만이 …

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