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Chief Editor of NowKpop Marketing Manager of iPopCon Media

9 Stars who shine even brighter with this latest fashion trend

Off shoulder’s are the latest fashion trend of summer 2016, and many celebrities and stars have been taking on this trending look in their casual wear and to multiple events too. In korean, it is called “오프숄더” which literally sounds like “off shoulder”. Off shoulder shirts and dresses can draw …

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Hyuna’s massively improved vocals shock fans

Hyuna appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook to promote her new comeback “How’s This“. She also performed her two previous solo hits “Bubble Pop” and “Red“. Fans say that they were extremely impressed how good her vocals were during the singing parts in “Bubble Pop” and how much they have …

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Fans claim BTS member is Fencing Man on “Masked Singer”

On this week’s episode of “Masked Singer” which aired on 7 August, A.R.M.Y.s from the BTS fandom claim that they know right away who this male singer disguised as Fencing Man is! That’s right, it’s 18-year-old Jungkook, BTS’ maknae! Fans claim that they knew right away that it was Jungkook …

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BEAST Jun-hyung makes 18+ comments on sleeping shirtless

On KBS‘ “Happy Together” which aired recently on 4 August, the guests started talking about pajamas and sleepwear. When BEAST‘s Jun-hyung was asked on what he wears to sleep, he commented cooly, “I just wear my underwear. I feel uncomfortable when there’s something on my skin.” Hearing this, Park Myeong-Soo …

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BTS reunites with AHL tutor Tony in LA!

During their filming for Hip-Hop reality show “American Hustle Life” 2014 in LA, BTS met with their Hip Hop mentor Tony Jones. With the opportunity to go to LA again because of KCON, BTS found the chance to meet up with Tony again at a Korean BBQ restaurant! A.R.M.Y.s have …

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Produce 101’s Jeon Soyeon is a swagger on Unpretty Rapstar

After being unfortunately eliminated from Mnet’s girl group survival program “Produce 101“, CUBE trainee Jeon Soyeon is back on the screen with her impressive rapping on “Unpretty Rapstar 3“! Fans have expressed that their want to see Soyeon again because of her talent. Though being one of the youngest contestants …

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I.O.I releases teaser for new comeback!

Even though several members have officially left the group to continue with their personal activities, I.O.I. has not faltered and is ready to hit the summer with their new sub-unit group consisting of 7 members! Their new song “Whatta Man” will be released on 9 August. It has a very …

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Meet the 10 girls from Pledis’ new girl group!

After releasing details about each member from the new 10-member girl group from Pledis Entertainment, including Produce 101’s Park Siyeon, Im Nayoung, and many more, they will be holding a “Pledis Girlz Live Concert” which will take place on 25 June 5PM (KST). It will be broadcaster live from the …

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