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Chief Editor of NowKpop Marketing Manager of iPopCon Media

BTS reveals some moments from their trip to Europe!

BTS has treated their fans with a short 10-minute clip featuring the leading up to their trip to Europe! They travelled to Finland, Sweden, and Norway and this is even the first time their new home is revealed to the public! Check out their clip now! http://m.vlive.tv/video/10151/BTS-BON-VOYAGE–Epi-00

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TWICE Nayeon and EXO Chanyeol to sing a duet together!

We will be able to see a duet of TWICE‘s Nayeon and EXO‘s Chanyeol on 24 June “Music Bank“! They will be singing the jazz ballad “Dream“, originally sung by Miss A’s Suzy and EXO’s Baekhyun. We look forward to their collaboration! Check out the original version first!

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Big Bang to release a film for “MADE” soon

Following the four albums from the “MADE” series, Big Bang will be releasing a making film for the series which will include behind-the-scenes and many more! The film is said to record the most true moment of Big Bang together and their not revealed emotions. This will be a gift for …

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Fans think they’ve found out BTS’ new sub-unit group…?

After collating proof from different sources, fans suspect that they’ve finally found out which members will be involved in BTS’ new sub-unit group! Who will they be? Follow these proofs to find out! Is it true that these two might form a sub-unit group? Well, we’ll have to wait and …

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Get Their Style: EXID “L.I.E.”!

Click on the description to go to the clothing link! HYERIN  BOTTOM: KRW 32,900 Styenanda- Cut-Off Hem Button Fly Jean Shorts HANI SHOES: KRW 139,000 NIKE- Airforce 1 Mid 07 Leather  

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I.O.I. are craving for Éclairs in new cute CF!

With their many CF offers, I.O.I. is currently very busy with their schedule! Their new CF with Petitzel Éclairs is set up in the style of a music video. The 11 girls wear pastel blue mini skirts and blouses, showing off their youth, beauty and amazing physiques. They dance and …

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Go behind the scene with EXID L.I.E.!

After releasing their 4th mini-album with the title song “L.I.E.“, EXID takes us behind-the-scenes to the recording and making of their MV! The girls seem to have had much fun, enjoyed the process and worked very hard for this comeback! Check it out below!  

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[BREAKING] Dance videos with audio of EXO’s comeback leaked

With EXO‘s comeback coming up soon, short videos of their dance practice video including demo audio has been leaked! Fans have been pouring over how amazing and sophisticated the dance seems and are looking forward to EXO’s comeback. Their new album will be released on 9 June 0am (KST).

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TWICE Tzuyu’s cute reaction after mistake during special stage

During KBS‘ “Open Concert” which was broadcasted on 29 March, TWICE performed their sunbae Wonder Girls’ song “Tell Me”. TWICE‘s maknae Tzuyu made a mistake and forgot some of the steps during the performance but professionally pulled it off slickly with a hair-flip and carried on as if nothing happened. …

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