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Chief Editor of NowKpop Marketing Manager of iPopCon Media

Find out CLC’s new fanclub name!

After a voting poll online, CLC has announced that their fanclub name will be set as “Cheshire“! The meaning behind this name is because CLC’s group logo is of a smiling cat and is similar to the cat Cheshire in “Alice in the Wonderland”. How cute! Any Cheshire’s around?

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Get Their Style: CLC “No oh oh”!

Click on the description to go to the clothing’s link! EUNBIN TOP: USD58 UNIF- Rainbow Lenny Top BOTTOM: KRW 94,000 Dim. E. Cres- Pocket Point Damage Denim Pants ACCESSORIES: SOLD OUT Dim. E. Cres- Black Logo Bangle     YE-EUN  ACCESSORIES: SOLD OUT Dim. E. Cres- Black Knee Socks

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Fans wow-ed by this CLC new member’s impressive vocals

CLC recently released their 4th mini-album “No oh oh” and fans are totally in awe of CLC‘s new Hong Kong member Elkie‘s amazing vocals! In though only participating in CLC’s activities only for the second time, she sings a big part of song’s chorus and belts high notes perfectly! Many fans …

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Netizens claim there are too many similarities between BTS and EXO’s performance

BTS started with their comeback activities yesterday and had their first comeback performance on Mnet MCountdown. They performed their title song “Fire” and two other songs “Butterfly” and “Save Me“. Since then, many netizens have been pointing out the many similarities between EXO’s “Overdose” and BTS’ “Save Me”performance. Both performed …

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BTS drops surprise MV for “Save Me”

As mentioned before during their V live countdown for “Young Forever“, BTS will be releasing a music video for their track “Save Me“. This has been released! This MV used the one-shot technique which has been used previously in their “Dope” MV and show-cases all the charms of the members. …

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BTS finally to be special guests on Running Man!

After a long-awaited request from BTS fans, BTS is finally going to appear on Running Man as a special guest on the 300th episode anniversary! It will be called <7 vs 300> and aired on 22 May. We look forward to seeing them have fun!

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BTS fans urge others not to mistreat BTS concert banners

BTS’ “HYYH On Stage: Epilogue” took place in Seoul on 7 and 8 May. Many fans were seen holding BTS support mini banners which were handed out at the concert venue. The text says, “We will always appreciate you all”. On a recent post on the Korean online community Pann, …

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[SPECIAL] The latest selfie pose trend is taking over South Korea!

There is a trend nowadays which is slowing taking over South Korea and infecting Korean citizens and idols as well! This method of taking selfies is called “몰아주기” Mol-a-jugi, meaning that only one person in the photo makes a pretty pose and becomes the spotlight of the photo, while others …

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