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Chief Editor of NowKpop Marketing Manager of iPopCon Media

BTS is hot “Fire” in new MV!

BTS has finally released the MV “Fire” for their Special Album “HYYH Part 3: Young Forever“! The MV has showcased the energetic and young side of BTS, which matches with the title of their album perfectly! The song is great for parties and discos with its strong beat and BTS …

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BTS fans accuse Big Hit Entertainment for not being considerate?

On a recent post on Pann entitled, “But Big Hit is really not caring…”, a B fan accused Big Hit Entertainment for not being considerate of BTS fans and setting the wrong dates for upcoming comeback activities. Here is a direct translation of the post: “I don’t even know what to think. …

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BTS drops another MV teaser for “Fire”!

After releasing their album track list for “Young Forever“, BTS has dropped another teaser for their second MV “Fire“! This song seems to be fun and has a very strong beat which showcases perfectly BTS’ energy! The MV will be released on 2 May 0am KRT. Rumours say that BTS …

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BTS reveals an exciting 23 song tracklist for new special album

Following their “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) trilogy, BTS will be releasing their special album “Young Forever” on 4 May! Their album contains 23 tracks, which will include previous songs from HYYH Pt 1 and 2 and an addition of 5 new songs and remixes. …

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BTS finally releases MV for “Young Forever”!

After the teaser for their “Epilogue: On Stage” concert, BTS has finally released their MV for their “Epilogue: Young Forever“! This MV has taken in small snips from the 2 previous MV “I Need You” and “Run” with added filter as well as additional small clips added to it to …

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