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Top 9 Sexy Icons of the K-Pop Industry

1) Nine Muses- Kyungri    2) 4MINUTE- Hyuna   3) T-ARA- Jiyeon    4) EXID- Hani   5) Red Velvet- Seulgi    6) SNSD- Yuri    7) Dal Shabet- Subin    8) Hello Venus- Nara   9) Mamamoo- Hwasa

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9 Male Idols who rock black hair

1) WINNER- Tae Hyun   2) SEVENTEEN- S Coups    3) BTS- Jungkook    4) EXO- Chanyeol    5) EXO- Xiumin   6) VIXX- Leo    7) SHINee- Key    8) Monsta X- Hyungwon   9) B1A4- Jinyoung 

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These two members’ beauty stood out in TWICE’s teaser photo

After TWICE released their teaser photo for “Cheer Up”, netizens have been raving over the incredibly improved visuals of the group, especially two particular members, Mina and Jihyo. The two have changed their hairstyle and fans claim that they finally realised how amazing their visuals were. The post on Pann titled, …

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VIXX Ken spends his birthday with BFF BTS’ Jin!

Today is VIXX Ken‘s birthday and he’s turning 24! He spent his birthday with his close friend Jin from BTS and Jin even posted a photo of them together! Talk about friendship goals… Happy birthday, Ken! Hope you have a nice one! Check out the tweets from Jin below!

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10 Sunglass-ed idols who are ready for the summer!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter and summer is coming! One must-need item for the summer is of course, chic sunglasses! Sunglasses can become an idols best friend since it’s used almost all the time- whether it is going to the studio or even to the airport! Let’s check …

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Sulli’s latest Instagram post causes controversy

Sulli‘s most recent Instagram post has been causing a lot of controversy amongst her fans. Sulli can be seen posing in front of the camera with a background image of a female’s bottom and her hand on the photograph. Many fans have started to call her crazy and that she …

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[Pann] Yura looks amazing even without heels!

Girls‘ Day‘s Yura recently attended Dr Marten’s 56th anniversary on 1 April. She was seen without heels walking into the event and many fans were jealous of her amazing figure even without high heels! They praised her for her body management and for taking good care of her body. On …

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11 girls of IOI have fun together in “Crush” MV Teaser!

After the last episode of Mnet‘s “Produce 101” aired on 1 April, 11 girls were picked out by the voting system both live and online. Their debut song, “Crush“, is set to be their debut song with a mini album coming out in early May. However, their MV is coming …

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17 facts you didn’t know about BTS!

1. MONSTERSSSSS “I am the dance monster, Namjoon is rap monster, Suga is nap monster, Jin is cooking monster, Jimin is thigh monster, Jungkook is muscle monster, and V is an actual monster.” -J-Hope   2. Practice Makes Perfect Jimin says that he might be addicted to practicing; he once …

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