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[HOT] Kyuhyun releases teaser images for his upcoming single album!

The ballad prince of¬†Super Junior, Kyuhyun¬†is receiving a lot of attention as the release of his first Japanese single album is getting¬†closer and closer. After announcing the news of his Japanese debut last week,¬†Kyuhyun¬†has now released his first batch of teaser images for “CelebrationÔĹ쌟õ„Āę„Āč„ĀĎ„āčś©čÔĹě”.¬†His debut single album¬†“CelebrationÔĹ쌟õ„Āę„Āč„ĀĎ„āčś©čÔĹ씬†will consist of three …

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Happy 200th Day to APRIL

¬† It is the 10th of March meaning that APRIL¬†has debuted for 200 days! APRIL¬†officially debuted on August 25th 2015 with the release of their first mini album¬†Dreaming.¬†Their title track¬†Dream Candy¬†received a lot of love and support for its cuteness as well as the adorable charms which the members give …

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Lee Hi finally opens up her very own V-App Channel!

Following her new comeback MV, Lee Hi has finally announced that her very own V-app channel is now open! She told her fans about this through Instagram and celebrated with her fans. Hopefully we’ll be able to see more of her through the V app!

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APink’s Eunji to make a solo debut soon!

APink’s main vocalist, Eunji, will be making a solo debut this April! Eunji is well known for her strong vocal abilities and she has showcased her ability in many occasions before such as MBC’s ‘King of Masked Singers’ and her collaboration stage with Korean singing legend, The One! Pink Panadas …

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[HOT] TWICE’S Nayeon reveals what trainees must do to debut under JYP!

For all those who wants¬†to debut under JYP Entertainment,¬†Nayeon¬†has revealed some tips for you! In the recent episode of¬†Radio Star, TWICE’s Nayeon¬†revealed that if you want to debut under JYP Entertainment there is one thing that you must do, which is… eating with¬†Park Jin Young pd. “You can debut for …

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[HOT] Super Junior’s Ryeowook and ZE:A’s Hyungsik enjoys an amusement park date!

Earlier today fans caught Ryeowook¬†and¬†Hyungsik¬†filming their new show¬†Celebrity Bromance¬†at¬†Everland, an amusement park in Korea. In the photos¬†Ryeowook¬†and¬†Hyungsik¬†were spotted buying headbands, drinks and hugging each other, like what all couples normally do at an amusement park. However, this is only one part of Ryeowook¬†and¬†Hyungsik’s episode of¬†Celebrity Bromance,¬†therefore, make sure you stay …

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