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[SONG OF THE DAY] Lovelyz – Candy Jelly Love (Remix)

Song of the day: Candy Jelly Love (Remix) Artist: Lovelyz Lovelyz sweetens the entire KPop industry with their debut last November! The dance pop track: Candy Jelly Love is composed by Kim Eana, while it is written and composed by OnePiece. Candy Jelly Love is a cute dance-pop track which shows off the girls’ innocence as a young teen, while …

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JYP Entertainment announces comeback plans for their artists!

As 2016 gets closer and closer, more and more entertainment company reveals their new year plans. One of the largest entertainment companies in Korea, JYP Entertainment has now revealed the comeback plans for their recording artists. According to a representative, the rookies, TWICE and DAY6 will be focusing on domestic promotions, participating in domestic shows yet preparing for …

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[HOT] 7 Banned Female KPop Dances by KBS (2015)

(Order according to release date) 1. Hello Venus – Wiggle Wiggle What was banned: Shirt lifting  2. Nine Muses – Drama What was banned: Legs lifting  3. Gain – Paradise Lost What was banned: Floor Dance 4. FIESTAR – You’re Pitful What was banned: Nothing was banned during the live stages, however the squatting part was too sexual. …

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[SONG OF THE DAY] Girls’ Generation – Party (Winter Version)

Song of the day: Party (Winter Version) Artist: Girls’ Generation Girls’ Geneartion made a comeback with a dance pop track named Party! The dance pop track is composed by Albi Albertsson, Chris Young and Agnes Shin; while the lyrics for the track is written by Yoon Kyoung Cho. Party itself is a catchy dance pop track …

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Viral fancams of EXID

  1. EXID’s Viral Fancam Taken on October 8th, 2014. This fancam of Hani made EXID popular in just a night. 2. EXID’s sexy fancam Although not Solji was sick during this guerrilla performance, however the group continued to perform hence proved their popularity once again. This fancam also highlights the amazing vocals of Hyerin, make sure you …

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[Music Monday] Songs to combat the Monday Blues!

Music Monday is an all new segment for all K-Pop lovers to combat the sadness caused by the MONDAY BLUES! We will compile a set of KPop each week which will hopefully be able to kickstart your week with positivity and energy! Now get your earphones and let the blast …

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