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Top 9 Sexy Icons of the K-Pop Industry

1) Nine Muses- Kyungri    2) 4MINUTE- Hyuna   3) T-ARA- Jiyeon    4) EXID- Hani   5) Red Velvet- Seulgi    6) SNSD- Yuri    7) Dal Shabet- Subin    8) Hello Venus- Nara   9) Mamamoo- Hwasa

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9 Male Idols who rock black hair

1) WINNER- Tae Hyun   2) SEVENTEEN- S Coups    3) BTS- Jungkook    4) EXO- Chanyeol    5) EXO- Xiumin   6) VIXX- Leo    7) SHINee- Key    8) Monsta X- Hyungwon   9) B1A4- Jinyoung 

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TWICE video calls Somi in their newest episode of TWICE Private Life!

TWICE who will be making their comeback on April 25th with their second mini album Cheer Up, recently took the time and video called Somi who managed to debut as the center of I.O.I!  In the video the TWICE members were seen calling Somi in the waiting room congratulating her for her debut! Meanwhile Somi will be debuting as the center of CJ …

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10 Sunglass-ed idols who are ready for the summer!

The weather is getting hotter and hotter and summer is coming! One must-need item for the summer is of course, chic sunglasses! Sunglasses can become an idols best friend since it’s used almost all the time- whether it is going to the studio or even to the airport! Let’s check …

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Produce 101’s Ki Hee Hyun (Cathy): I have no regrets!

Despite not getting to debut in CJ E&M’s new girl group I.O.I, DIA’s Cathy says she has no regrets in participating in the show. During her interview with TVReport she said “I am actually a person who dislike having regrets, that is the reason why I have worked really hard. So even if I failed I …

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