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Jinyoung reveals to have created another song for Produce 101

  Following to the success of the girlish pop track “At The Same Time”, B1A4’s charismatic leader will once again produce another song for Produce 101.  According to media outlets, Produce 101 is scheduled to perform their pre-release single “Crush” by Ryan S. Jhun as well as a new song produced by B1A4’s Jinyoung. No details has been unfolded …

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Top 10 male idols with porcelain skin

Western standards and Korean standards are very different in one way; skin colour. Koreans prefer to have whiter skin, and some even put on whitening cream to achieve this! However, Westerners prefer a tanner and healthier skin colour and go to tanning shops or beaches to achieve this. Tanning creams …

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Top 5 most popular Produce 101 fancams!

Mnet‘s girl-group survival reality program Produce 101 has been very hit now amongst young people, with fans from all over the world supporting and voting for their favoured trainee. To satisfy these fans’ needs, Mnet has uploaded over 40 fancams of individual trainees for each performance! Let’s see which fancams …

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12 Idols with Perfect Teeth

Once idols smile, the first thing we notice about them is probably going to be their teeth, no matter how weird that sounds. While some idols have teeth so horrible that they never smile open-mouthed, some have perfect heavenly teeth which shine everytime they smile! Some ways of achieving this …

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Check out SHINee’s version of Produce 101’s Pick Me!

Produce 101, has been a hot topic in the KPop Industry recently. Having its popularity go up day after day, Mnet has decided to upload artist’s cover of Pick Me! In the video that they uploaded, Mnet mashed up SHINee’s performance for View with Pick Me, showing fans how the male version of the track will be like. Without …

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Adorable pre-debut pictures of male idols!

Ever wondered how your current bias looked like as a child or pre-debut? We sure do, haha! Check out these pictures of idols pre-debut! 🙂 1. WINNER’s Nam Taehyun     2. MONSTA X’s Kihyun 3. BTS’ Jungkook 4. ASTRO’s Moonbin with iKON’s Chanwoo 5. SHINee’s Key       …

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Produce 101 trainees in KPop music videos!

Look closer while watching a music video – you might be looking right at an future idol! Today, we will be covering a few trainees from Mnet’s girl-group survival show, Produce 101, spotted in these seven music videos. Check it out! 1. GOT7 – Stop stop it Trainee: JYPE’s Jeon Somi …

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