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f(x)’s long-awaited MV is out!

Finally, f(x)’s new comeback ‘4 Walls’ MV is released! The electronic sync beat is addictive and catchy, with the lyrics talking about how love is like 4 walls of mirror and like a mysterious labyrinth at the same time. This music video also features some very interesting scenes and has …

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f(x) Amber answers all your questions through YouTube!

Along with f(x)’s comeback teaser, Amber collaborates with the owner of the YouTube channel ‘What the Pineapple’ to answer all the questions fans have proposed for her and Scott! These questions range from eating habits, musical preferences, name-calling, and many more. Check out their video below! Meanwhile, check out Amber’s newly …

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f(x) Amber puts aside her tomboyish side to reveal her femininity

After the release of the other three members’ comeback teaser photos, f(x) Amber’s teaser photos are finally out! We get to see the slightly more feminine and softer side of our tomboyish Amber. One of the photos even featured Amber wearing a semi-transparent blouse! We sure do look forward to …

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F(x) Krystal reveals ‘f(x) 4 walls’!

F(x)’s Krystal recently uploaded a video of f(x)’s 4 walls exhibition on her Instagram account! The video says ‘Happy Birthday, Krystal.’ Looks like f(x)’s comeback will arrive very soon! F(x) 4 walls is a exhibition hosted by SM Entertainment. The exhibit displays the teaser photos and videos of f(x)’s new …

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F(x) members upload photos hinting comeback!

Members of SM Entertainment‘s girl group F(x), including Amber, Victoria, and Luna, have recently uploading numerous photos and selfies on their individual Instagram accounts of them hanging around and having fun in dance practice rooms. Could this be proof that their upcoming comeback will be very soon…? SM Entertainment has stated that …

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Amber opens up misunderstandings about Woori and her

On 14 August, f(x)’s Amber posted a written passage along with a photo of Woori and her together, looking close and smiling at the camera. This was, apparently, meant to clean up some misunderstandings that fans have about Woori and Amber when Woori once stated that she disliked eating with Amber …

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