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HyunA’s new track “How?” to have a strong hip-hop influence to it

HyunA¬†who will officially be making her awaited solo comeback with her fifth mini album A’wesome¬†has revealed more details on her upcoming title track! Her new title track¬†How?¬†will once again be well-known producer¬†Seo Jae Woo¬†who also produced¬†HyunA’s¬†Red¬†and¬†Roll Deep.¬†How?¬†however will differ from¬†HyunA’s¬†previous tracks as it will contain elements of trap and hip-hop …

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SISTAR grabs the #1 trophy for July 7th episode of Show Champion!

SISTAR¬†grabbed their first #1 trophy for their song ‚ÄúShake it‚ÄĚ on the July 7th’s¬†episode of ‚ÄúShow Champion‚ÄĚ! The nominees for today‚Äôs episode were MAMAMOO, AOA, Sistar, BTOB¬†and¬†Big Bang¬†However it was SISTAR¬†who grabbed the #1 trophy. Congratulations!

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AOA wins July 1st’s episiode of “Show Champion”

AOA¬†grabbed their first #1 trophy for their song ‚ÄúHeart Attack‚ÄĚ on the July 1st’s¬†episode of ‚ÄúShow Champion‚ÄĚ! On this episode¬†Minx¬†came back with their new song “Love Shake”,¬†Awesome Baby¬†debuted with “Why Should I?”,¬†Playback¬†debuted with “Playback”, NS Yoon-G returned with¬†“Honey”,¬†BTOB came back with “It’s Okay”,¬†and last but not least¬†BTS returned with their …

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