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8 idols who take extraordinary selfies!

Selfies, known as¬†žÖÄžĻī¬†in Korean (sel-ca), are quite important to idols who want to interact with their fans everyday! Many idols are known to take terrible selcas which make them look worse rather than better, but there are some exceptionals! Let’s check out which idols take absolutely amazing selcas that make …

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12 Idols who rock the beanie look!

BTS- Jimin   T-ARA- Hyomin¬†   Big Bang- Taeyang¬†   WINNER- Minho   2NE1- Dara   f(x)- Krystal¬†   BTS- Jungkook¬†   Lee Hyori¬†   SNSD-¬†Tiffany¬†   Miss A- Suzy¬†   EXO- Baekhyun¬†   BTOB- Sungjae  

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Timberland- Idols love it!

Timberland has been a very famous brand, known for its fashionable and comfortable clothing and shoes. The most famous of its products would probably be this pair of boots in its most classic colour costing at¬†ÔŅ¶258,000. Many Korean idols and stars have been seen to be wearing it either in …

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Suzy, Baekhyun wins January 17th’s Inkigayo!

Inkigayo¬†is back with an hour of great show from your favorite artists! For today’s episode¬†TURBO¬†returned with¬†December, Hide and Seek and Again¬†and¬†Shin Hye Sung¬†came back with End¬†and¬†Roco Drama! The nominees for today’s episode were Gary, K.Will¬†and Suzy, Baekhyun, however it was Suzy¬†and¬†Baekhyub¬†who grabbed the first place trophy with their latest track …

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Suzy, Baekhyun wins January 15th’s episode of Music Bank

Music Bank aired its weekly episode featuring your favourite artists! For today’s episode¬†TURBO¬†returned¬†Again¬†after 15 years,¬†Shin Hyesung¬†came back with Roco Drama¬†and¬†45RPM¬†made their comeback stage with¬†Ž∂źŽįēžä§. As of the #1 nominees for today’s episode,¬†Suzy, Baekhyun¬†and¬†K.Will¬†were the nominees. However¬†Suzy, Baekhyun¬†managed to grab the #1 trophy with their #1 single Dream!¬†Congratulations! The other performers …

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Top 15 Male Idols with the cutest “eye-smiles”

Smiles can change a lot of things; the way we look at things and also the way we actually look like. There are so many Korean male stars who have the most charming and beautiful smiles we have ever seen before, and we’ll list them out here. We hope these …

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