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BTS Wings Short Film

BTS has recently been releasing individual video segments of each member in their latest short film calledĀ Wings, all the members have their own title for each of their little segments. The short film begins with Jungkook and his segment called Begin. BigHit Entertainment released this video at midnight on September …

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BTS’ Fire Hits 50 Million Views!

The boys’ MV forĀ FireĀ has hit a whopping 50 million views on YouTube! The music video also topped 10 million views registered on the official YouTube account for the agency, Big Hit Entertainment, on sight when summing the views of the two channels, and threw Fire’sĀ music video is nearly 60 million …

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Fans think they’ve found out BTS’ new sub-unit group…?

After collating proof from different sources, fans suspect that they’ve finally found out which members will be involved in BTS’ new sub-unit group! Who will they be? Follow these proofs to find out! Is it true that these two might form a sub-unit group? Well, we’ll have to wait and …

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BTS’ Fire hits 10 million views!

Congratulations to BTS for hitting 10 million views on the MV for Fire! Though its only been a few days since the MV came out, but the boys are staying on top of their game with the help of their amazing fans that will do anything to keep the boys’ …

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BTS fans accuse Big Hit Entertainment for not being considerate?

On a recent post onĀ Pann entitled, “But Big Hit is really not caring…”, a BĀ fan accused Big Hit Entertainment for not being considerate of BTS fans and setting the wrong dates for upcoming comeback activities. Here is a direct translation of the post: “I don’t even know what to think. …

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BTS reveals an exciting 23 song tracklist for new special album

Following their “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) trilogy, BTS will be releasing their special album “Young Forever” on 4 May! Their album contains 23 tracks, which will include previous songs from HYYH Pt 1 and 2 and an addition of 5 new songs and remixes. …

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BTS Jungkook and His Love for White Shirts

You, as a BTS fan, would probably know about our Golden Maknae, Jungkook, and his passionate love for white shirts! We see him wear white shirts nearly on every occasion- ranging from his airport fashion to high-class photoshoots. We wonder how many white shirt he has… BEWARE! The photos you …

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[INSTIZ] This Japanese idol is a look-alike of BTS Jungkook!

Recently, on Korea’s social networking site Instiz, a post stated that the 17 year-old Japanese idol singer is “related” to BTS‘ Jungkook. It was later found out that this idol is Kanna Hashimoto, a member of the Japanese idol group Rev. by DVL– they are not actually related, but only …

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[HOT] 10 Korean Entertainment Agencies reveals 2016 plans!

As it is now 2016, more and more entertainment agencies start to reveal hints about their artists’ debut and comeback plans. Are you ready to check them out!Ā  (Any comeback plans or debut plans may change under unexpected circumstances) (Not in any particular order) 1) SM Entertainment Debuting new Boy …

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