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BTOB releases teaser for upcoming comeback!

BTOB¬†will be making their awaited comeback on September 19th! Earlier today,¬†BTOB¬†released some image teasers for their upcoming comeback slated for September 19th, 2016. In the images the seven¬†BTOB¬†members were seen wearing dapper suits while sitting on a chair. Although no hints were revealed just yet, however as the comeback date …

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BTOB tell fans where to catch Pokémon in Taipei!

BTOB¬†is back in¬†Taiwan¬†with their first ever solo concert! For their concert the boys performed numerous hit tracks, including soft ballad¬†When I Was Your Man¬†as well as¬†WOW;¬†the upbeat dance pop track which recently received many¬†attention for the two times speed dance performance they showcased on¬†Weekly Idol.¬† While performing their hit tracks …

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[HOT] BTOB’s Minhyuk exposes his bright red underwear again on stage!

BTOB’s Minhyuk¬†is back again after a year to expose his bright red coloured underwear on stage. While¬†BTOB¬†was dancing to their hit track¬†Beep Beep¬†on stage of¬†“The Blue Concert”,¬†Minhyuk’s¬†pants once again ripped apart, revealing his bright red coloured underwear to his fans. It seems like his pants really wanted to give¬†Melodies¬†some fan-service. …

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BTOB Profile

Left To Right: Top: Sungjae, Changsub Medium: Minhyuk, Ilhoon, Hyunsik Bottom: Eunkwang, Peniel BTOB¬†(Korean: ŽĻĄŪą¨ŽĻĄ) is a seven member boy¬†group under Cube¬†Entertainment, they made their debut on March 21st, 2012 with their first digital single¬†ŽĻĄŽįÄ (Insane)¬†and made their debut stage on March 22nd, 2012 with their title tracks¬†Insane¬†and¬†Imagine¬†on Mnet’s M! …

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SM Entertainment & Cube Entertainment’s new couple unit group “Ppyu (Sungjae & Joy)” releases their love single!

After waiting for episodes after episodes of¬†We Got Married,¬†the¬†Sungjoy¬†couple has finally released their first duet¬†Young Love¬†under the name “Ppyu”.¬† Their new love song¬†“Young Love”,¬†is a spring ballad track composed by¬†BTOB¬†member¬†Hyunsik¬†and written by “Ppyu”¬†themselves. The cute love ballad which tells the story of the two young couple. The cute song aims …

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BTOB makes a comeback as a dance group with “You’re The Best”!

BTOB,¬†who has made a comeback with a ballad track three times in a row, has finally returned as a dance group in their recent cover of MAMAMOO’s You’re The Best!¬† In their cover video, we finally get to see¬†BTOB¬†showcasing their strong dance moves on stage! Along with their dance, the …

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Ppyu couple (Sungjae & Joy) to release their love single “Young Love”!

The adorable Sungjoy¬†couple will finally be releasing a duet after being on the show for ten months. Their new love song will be titled,¬†“Young Love”,¬†the song is composed by¬†BTOB¬†member¬†Hyunsik¬†and written by¬†Ppyu¬†couple¬†themselves. The cute love song aims to spread¬†Ppyu couple’s¬†sincere love towards each other to every Sungjoy¬†shippers’ ears. Meanwhile the song …

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BTOB wins April 8th’s episode of Music Bank!

Music Bank¬†is back with an hour of great show! On today’s episode CNBLUE¬†says You’re So FINE¬†,¬†MAMAMOO¬†makes their goodbye stage with¬†You’re The Best¬†and last but not least¬†LABOUM¬†takes a¬†Journey to Atlantis. The nominees for today’s episode were¬†MAMAMOO¬†and BTOB¬†however it was BTOB¬†who grabbed the #1 trophy for the week. Congratulations! Other artists of …

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[CUTE] Sungjae and Joy caught with their couple acts!

The Sungjoy couple have been receiving a lot of love recently not only on We Got Married but with their respective comeback tracks¬†Remember That¬†and¬†7žõĒ 7žĚľ (One Of These Nights)¬†as well. During their respective encore stages, the cute couple were caught engaging in their unique yet cute couple acts, let’s check …

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